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:iconcutebow2plz:Excellent news everyone! :iconcutebow2plz:

The Princess Project artbook is going to be even bigger and better than we first anticipated! This means we have more room for wonderful art. So, who's excited for another feature contest?!

• Deadline:   *How many people would like an extension?

We've not set a specific number of winners, it could be anything from 3 winners to 10 winners! It all depends on how amazing your entries are, but I know that they will all be mind-blowing!!!

Just like our last contest, any winner will have their art published in our artbook! Your work could be right next to that of the amazing KuttySark, JohnSu, YamPuff and many more! Remember, this artbook is all about showcasing different styles and levels of art, so don't be afraid to enter, we wanna see it all!!! What really matters is the design of your princess and overall impact of the image! This time around we're really looking for unique and in depth characters, something more creative and out-there! (Even if it seems a little strange)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ENTER! you've got nothing to lose! And we wanna see MILLIONS of entries!!!

* Just to clarify - Entries must feature an origional character created for this artbook. No already created OCs please.*

We have been getting a lot of ideas that are too similiar to already existing themes - so please check  this journal for some ideas of what to draw! theprincessproject.deviantart.…
We really want to see some of these ideas drawn, so please have a look

Please also read this: Quick message for contest entries

Hi everyone! We have had some amazing entries so far. However there is one thing I we have noticed - although all the entries have featured some beautiful girls, most just dont quite look like princesses.
When I think of a princess I think of beauty, grace and style but I also think of excess and over the top fashion.
We would like to see more entries that clearly show that this is not just a beautiful girl, this is a princess.
More jewellery could help, or if your princess is a more natural princess you can achieve a similar look with lots of flowers or even tattoos.
Anything to show that "this girl is special"
To give people who may want to change their entry to reflect this a fair chance, we are extending the contest until July 1st.
* That's not to say we won't choose a princess with more simple design - after all that might be better for your princess's theme. If you think simplier fits her theme, then that's fine.<

:iconcutebow2plz: What you have to do :iconcutebow2plz:

Draw a princess! Original characters only! NO FANART!
FANTASY THEMED! NOT MODERN. Princess should be at least partially human/humanoid.
Give your princess a name, theme, and location.
Make sure the picture is A4 sized, and in high definition, 300 DPI.
Picture doesn't have to be full body, but no extreme close ups. Can be any style except ultra-realistic.
We're looking for unique, identifiable art styles. Only visual art please, no literature or cosplay or photo manip, sorry.
Can digital or traditional.

:iconcutebow2plz: How to enter :iconcutebow2plz:

• You do not have to be a member of the group, in fact only those who are invited can join the group at the moment (Winners will be invited to members)
• Express your interest in entering! Make sure your princess has a theme, name and location for example "Rarg, The princess raised by dragons, from Treasure Cove." You can also write about them, we would love to hear what they like, don't like, what they do to pass the time, etc! (Please send us a note with your idea before making your entry)
• +fave this journal to show us you want to enter ^^ Also, help us spread the word! If you know someone you think would be interested, or deserves to be in the artbook, send them a friendly note or link to the contest to let them know about it!
• Send us the finished image at or upload it to your stash. Then upload a 'teaser' image to Deviantart!

:iconcutebow2plz: Rules!:iconcutebow2plz:

• Deadline:   * Extended to 31st of July 2014
• Several artists can draw the same princess. We may choose one, or we might make them sisters if more than one of the same kind of princess is chosen
• If chosen to be printed, we might change names, locations or details about your princess. But we will talk to you about these changes before they are made.
• You can enter as many times as you like with different pictures of the same princess, or a different princess
• No nudity or overly sexual themes (can be sexy, but not sexual)
• No excessive violence or gore (a little is ok)
• Must be ok with artwork being printed in artbook
• Do not upload all of the image (we want them to be a suprise for those who buy the book) Upload a "Teaser image" and e-mail us the full image at:
• Do not upload full image (unless not chosen to be printed in artbook) until  06/05/2015 (On any website)

:iconcutebow2plz: Prizes:iconcutebow2plz:

**Given to all that are chosen to be printed**
• Your work printed in the artbook - as well as a page for any details (or a short story) about your princess, as well as the artists name you would like to be known as, details about any art accounts on websites (like DA/facebook/twitter) that you would like to promote, or any projects your working on. (Basically a small blurb about you and your art)
An Extra page (if you want it) for something special - like a tutorial, a walkthrough or a short comic, etc.

• Contributors Discount on artbook
• Membership to group :icontheprincessproject:
• Allowed to buy artbook to sell in personal shop/at cons

**Runner-up prizes**
• Your work featured on :icontheprincessproject:'s page
• Your work featured on :iconfrills-of-justice:'s page
• Appox. A4 Princess Project print mailed to you

Contest Entries:


Some examples of "teaser" images done by artists contributing to the artbook (not in the contest)

Princess Project Artbook: Preview by PrinceShiroko
The Princess Project Artbook Preview by doublejoker00
The Princess Project: Preview by Toffee-Tama
Princess Project Artbook: Prereview by Kutty-Sark
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